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Harry Styles Tears Up during Pal Zach Braff’s Sundance Film

Who knew they were pals?

Zach Braff has utterly the understanding friend in Harry Styles.

The One Direction thespian flew all a approach to Utah to attend a Sundance Film Festival, where Braff presented Wish we Was Here, a film he starred in, wrote and directed.

“We’re good friends,” Styles tells PEOPLE.

Styles is staying with Braff while during a festival, a source says, and after attending a film’s premiere, a span distinguished during a Grey Goose Blue Door with Braff’s partner Taylor Bagley and Scrubs costar Donald Faison. Styles was also seen chatting with Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman.

When Styles took a selfie for a PEOPLE Instagram, he certified to great while examination a film.

Absent from a jubilee was Kate Hudson, who also stars in a flick. She “was not feeling good so stayed in for a evening,” says an insider.

Elsewhere during a festival, Michael C. Hall helped a fan with a matrimony proposal.

“The man pronounced his partner and he were outrageous Dexter fans and asked if Michael would palm her a ring when he proposed,” an witness tells PEOPLE. “It was magical. You wanted to only give them a large cuddle and grin for them.”

The intrigue continued with Joe Manganiello and partner Bridget Peters, who were speckled kissing during a Chefdance dinner. “They looked so in love,” an witness says. “They were always touching and being courteous to any other.”

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, who might be engaged, were held smooching during a Stella Artois Cidre Lodge happy hour. “They were in unequivocally good spirits,” an witness tells PEOPLE. “Josh had a hulk grin on his face.”

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